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SD Homeowner: "Something Evil In My House"

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This time of year  tales of ghosts and haunted houses run rampant, just like trick or treaters up and down the street. But for some, who believe in ghosts, the stories are all to real.
KDLT'S Phil McIlrath, and a Sioux Falls Psychic, take us into one Beresford family's home that they say is haunted, for a real life ghost bust.

"A ghost is a human being who has died and for whatever reason didn't go to the light," said Psychic Medium, Donna O'Dea.

"I liken them to dirvers who just need direction, but there are of course the nasty ones...it's kind of if Joe Blow was not a good guy alive...Joe Blow is not a good guy dead!" said O'Dea.

Donna O'Dea has been dealing with the dead her whole life. As a child, she learned quickly she was different from other children, now she uses her "gift" to help others who are not having the best of time with the "living impaired."

"Has a ghost bust ever gone badly?,"asked McIlrath. "By badly, I mean the poltergeist hasn't left...yeah that has happened,"said O'Dea.

We arrive in Beresford to a century old house that looks normal, but is anything but to the homeowners who wish to remain annonymous.

"We were hearing a lot of things...running through the hallways at night. Our kids will be asleep. I was actually pulled by the foot on my bed one time,"said Homeowner. "Our littlest son has an imaginary friend. They share a room upstairs and our older boy says that our other son would stay up all night talking to this little boy and our son wanted another room."

Within minutes of walking into the home, Donna begins picking up on activity.

After a quick reading of the spiritual presence in the home. Donna gets to work

"Usually, I walk through the house and verify where the activity is or where most of it is and identify who it is and what's going on,"said O'Dea "It's nothing like on TV. Sometimes five minutes, hour, half hour...that would be a long time."

About 45 minutes from stepping into the home, Donna feels the spirits confined to the walls of the house are at peace and have moved on.

"One of the biggest misconceptions is that all ghosts are scary. They're not. They're lost souls...they just need some understanding and some help,"said O'Dea

"We'll see what happens. I hope she's right but there is something that feels evil upstairs,"said Homeowner.

So whatever you believe, ghosts or no ghosts, the dead can sure turn a cold, autumn night into a living experience.

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