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Life With Laura: Hot Yoga

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What began in India and is now practiced worldwide has become a popular workout. Yoga continues to attract people every day, but many people are warming up to a different style of the exercise.

Exercises are meant for you to break a sweat, but in hot yoga, sweating is the most important part.

"The goal is to sweat from beginning to end,” said owner of Santosha Hot Yoga in Sioux Falls, Jennifer Long.

Unlike any other workout of its kind, hot yoga's name says it all.

“We keep it about a 105 (degrees),” said Long.

An exercise done in an extremely warm studio with 30 percent humidity, hot yoga’s warm temperatures help to loosen your muscles and keep your mind focused,

Santosha Hot Yoga in Sioux Falls is one of the few locations in South Dakota that offer hot yoga classes.

The 60 or 90 minute sessions consist of 26 different poses and 2 breathing exercises, all done in a quiet room with soothing music and of course, very high heat.

“The more you adjust to it, you can work out and sweat it out and then you can really take in the workout verses just struggling with the heat," said Long.

While other workouts require a lot of moving around to bring your heart rate up, hot yoga utilizes the heat to get your heart pumping.

“In most traditional yoga classes, you're going to do a lot of movement. In a hot yoga class you're going to hold the poses," explained Long.

As you can imagine it gets very warm in the class, but the best thing to do if you feel overheated is simply lie down.

“It’s actually better to lay down on your mat and relax rather than going out in the cool lobby and coming back in. It's a little harder on your body," said Long.

While it does take some time to adjust to the high temperatures,many health enthusiasts around the world are warming up to this unique way of breaking a sweat.

Other benefits of hot yoga include weight loss, detoxification, stress relief and increased libido.
For more information on hot yoga classes at Santosha hot yoga click here.

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