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Black Friday Shopping Frenzy Begins

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Standing in cold temperatures, rushing into a store, and then standing in a checkout line for hours, it’s a scenario that only happens on Black Friday.  Many stores around the Sioux Empire opened their doors early Thanksgiving Day to give shoppers a head start on deals.
In a matter of minutes, stores across the Sioux Empire went from empty to packed.
Dylan Briggs, Algona, IA, said, "A lot of the little stuff, little kid stuff, we got like three little kids."

Briggs drives 3.5 hours from Algona, IA, to get early Christmas presents for his kids. You're probably wondering why anyone would drive that far to get toys, but it’s the closest store to him.

 For Briggs, shopping this Black Friday on Thanksgiving Day isn't the ideal situation, but he said battling crowds of people and playing a scavenger hunt to find the best deals on talking dogs or dancing minions, isn't the worst.

 "Just as long as we have the day off of work, and we get to enjoy it and not have to rush, Briggs said."

Andrea Hulstein said she does not like the new what seems to be 'Black Thursday.'
"We all ate last night," Hulstein said.
For six years, she has shopped on Black Friday, making Toys "R" Us her first stop. But as the store's hours get earlier and earlier, so does her hunt to find the perfect scooter.

“It takes some of the fun out of it where you know you were starting at 9 p.m. and go all night, now it’s like at three o'clock we were in line," Hulstein said.
 While some shoppers are upset about the earlier shopping hours, others said they don't have to wake up as early on Black Friday.

 "I work tomorrow and I don't want to get up in the morning, so this is alright with me," Kelli Meyer said.
Meyer said as long as you can get a deal, it doesn't matter what time you get it.
"TV’s, we are defiantly here for TV’s," said Meyer.

And if you follow the blue line, it seems like others found the computers deals.
Preston Abel found his deal on the Xbox he's been wanting, and he might even add a GoPro to the purchase too. He just hopes next year, he can get in line again at 5:40 p.m., for a 6 o'clock Black Friday frenzy.

"Hopefully they won't start any earlier," Abel said.

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