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Making Waves (Zach Johnson)

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Splishing and splashing is not the only thing that is happening around the pools in Sioux Falls this summer. Competition, dedication and hard work have alson taken place in the water. O'Gorman graduate Zach Johnson has continued his strenuous training by swimming with the Sioux Falls SnowFox.

Zach Johnson says, "In the summer we practice twice a day on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, Wednesday nights and Friday mornings and it's 2 hours of practice."

Johnson has been swimming since he was seven years old, and he'll soon be competing at a higher level.

Johnson says, "Right now it's more college, but I would like to see if I can try and get an Olympic trial cut sometime in the near future."

With the constant support from family and his coach Chad Thomsen, Johnson is sure to have a strong swimming future ahead of him.

Chad Thomsen says, "He has the ability to balance everything, school, soccer, swimming, social life and family. I think that's what the sport of swimming needs, is well-rounded athletes."

Thomsen has confidence in Zach, but as much as Johnson is excited excited to set out and start his college swimming career, his SnowFox family will be sad to see him leave.

Thomsen says, "A lot of kids look up to him. It's going to be tough to lose him, but I know at the same time I'm glad he's achieved what he has with his scholarships."

In the fall, Johsnon will swim at Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.

Johnson says, "I'm really excited, it will be fun."

Johnson may be leaving the pools of Sioux Falls, but soon he will enter unchartered waters and start to make waves in college.

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