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Reaction to Favre Retirement

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What had been a relatively quiet camp turned into a bit of a media frenzy with the reports of Favre's retirement.  After practice, players reacted to the rumors.

Ben Leber says, "It's been speculation the whole off-season that he wasn't gonna come back, so I think everyone was preparing for both situations and you know, we're ready for whatever happens."

John Sullivan says, "For us right now the situation hasn't changed, so we're still focused on the guys that are here."

Coach Brad Childress on the other hand refused to speculate on Favre's decision until he hears it straight from the quarterback's mouth.

Brad Childress says, "Rob and Bus communicate, Brett and I communicate, he communicates with Darrell Bevell and a myriad of people, so I wouldn't suppose that he'd call Jared Allen and have Jared pass the word to me.  That's not gonna happen.  I'll talk to him one way or the other, whenever he comes to that conclusion."

Obviously Favre has changed his mind many times in the past, so no one on the team wanted to put too much stock in the report.  Especially Favre's backup, Tarvaris Jackson.

Jackson says, "When the season starts, if I'm the guy, I'm gonna be in here working hard each week every day, trying to be that guy to help keep this team going."

Jackson did have a sense of humor about the situation though.

Jackson says, "It's been three years now I've been asked about Favre, so it's kind of a part of my life now, so I kinda might miss it (laughs)"

On September 9th the Vikings open their season against New Orleans with or without Brett Favre and the players say that's just fine with them.

Jared Allen says, "The sun's gonna rise tomorrow.  We're gonna have football whether Brett's here or not.  We'd welcome him back, but 20 years...he's reserved the right to do what he wants to do with it."

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