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Builders Block Archive

Ashley leads Augie past Moorhead

SIOUX FALLS, S. D. – MSU Moorhead, the No. 5 seed ...

Beating the Heat by Building a Pool

When it comes to beating the heat, most people won't deny ...

Buying a Home in an Unstable Economy

When it comes to the biggest investment of your life, many ...

Local Contractors Caring for the Community: Part II

Last week we told you about a group of contractors ...

Caring Contractors Work to Better the Sioux Falls Community

This week on the Builder's Block we switched ...

Turning Out the Light's on Incandescent Bulbs

It's an issue that many people probably don't know about, but ...

Drying Dampened Spirits:Cleaning Up After the Flood

This years devastating floods have taken their toll on ...

Drywall Da Vinci: Making a Masterpiece from Mud

When it comes to a new house. . . deep down they're pretty much ...

Getting the Most Chill for the Bill: Tips for Air Conditioner Efficiency

For many this week, escaping the sun and ...

Safe from the Storm: The Low Down on Tornado Shelters

In light of Joplin, Missouri and other parts of ...

Getting a Greener Lawn by "Going Green"

As the outside temperatures continue to rise, you might be ...

Hurley Elementary Receives Donation

Students at Hurley Elementary get a big gift from ...

A Sneak Peek at the Spring Feature Home

From the curb, this home looks pretty normal, but just like the ...

Talking Title Insurance: What is it?

If you're in the process of buying a home you know there can be a lot ...

Protecting Your Home From Radon Gas

Keeping Your Hound Around: Underground Pet Fencing

Hassle Free Hire: Choosing a Quality Contractor

Routing Away Rainwater by Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Builder's Block: An Exterior Update for Your Home

Building for the Future: Careers in Architecture

Setting the Stage for Selling Your Home

Cleaning Up After Catastrophe

Trendy or Traditional? Choosing the Right Furniture to Fill Your Home

Cleaning Up Your Car Park: Tackling Garage Organization

Electronic Surveillance:Home Security Systems

Downpour of Options: Upgrading your Bathroom

Varying Degrees of Efficiency: New Window Designs Save Money on Energy

The Cinema Experience in Your Own Home

Science Fiction in the Kitchen

New Paradigm in Selling Your Home

Talking Trash:Reducing Landfill Size by Recycling

Cutting Out Future Carpenters

Tips For Lowering Your Energy Bill

Bright Ideas for Lighting Your Home

Firing Up Your Furnace: Tips for Optimal Efficiency

Inviting Embers: Investing in a Fireplace

Building Your Home From the Ground Up

Giving Your Home Character: Customizing Your Home's Style With Interior Designing

Risky Business: Learning about Homeowner's Insurance

Whittling with Water: Making Cutting Edge Counter Tops

Clearing Out the Clutter: Closet and Garage Organization Systems

Interest can be Interesting: Refinancing Your Home

Building for Function: New Home Designs Stress Usable Space

Cooking Up Kitchens: Remedy by Remodeling

Woven Wonders: Designing Your Home with Carpet

Much More than Just a Door

Green Building: A Breath of Fresh Air

Cabinetry: Conception and Construction

Concrete Canvas: Decorating Your Home with Concrete

Waterproofing Your New Home's Foundation

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