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A Trusting "D"

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We're talking defense on our Vikings Training Camp Report tonight.

And with players changing teams so often, it's rare when a squad looks the same two years in a row, but that's what Minnesota has with their front seven.

Jared Allen's famous mullett may be gone, but he along with Pat and Kevin Williams and Ray Edwards are back on the line. And with E.J. Henderson making a comeback from his horrific leg injury, the linebacking corps is back as well.

And that's why Ben Leber thinks the Vikes can improve on their 6th ranked defense from a year ago.

"For the most part, the front seven is all the same, and that's pretty special. I think that's why we've been so successful and hopefully we'll be again this year. It's just the trust factor, knowing that Pat and Kevin are going to do their thing and even if they get out of their gaps, they have the ability to make the play. So sometimes it makes it hard on us, just because they're always making plays up front," said Ben Leber.

We'll hear more from Ben Leber tomorrow when Jason Anschutz takes a look at the Vikings linebacking crew.

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