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The Favre Effect

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He may not be in camp, but Brett Favre's presence is still felt in Mankato.  Fans wear his jersey, and even though they cheer his backup, there isn't much buzz around Tarvaris Jackson, the quarterback who has actually committed to playing the 2010 season.

"Brett's a great guy, I'm not taking anything away from him," said Vikings Quarterback Tarvaris Jackson. 

"He's a Hall of Fame Quarterback and I learned a lot from him last year and hopefully when I get my chance this year...if I get my chance this year, I can keep the team going."

Tarvaris Jackson's position is a difficult one to be in.  On one hand, he's presumed to be the backup.  On the other, he is forced to prepare like a starter without really knowing for sure what Favre will decide.

"You can't really think about whether he's coming or not," said Jackson.  "You just gotta take care of your part in case he does or in case he doesn't.  You just gotta do the best you can, that's all you can do."

The receivers are in the same position, but say the team will be competitive no matter who takes the snaps.

"I think Tarvaris is doing a great job at this point," said Vikings wide receiver Sidney Rice.  "I saw him earlier making a lot of throws that I haven't seen him make in the past couple of years.  He's doing a great job out there.  He's handling this situation well and we'll see where it goes from here."

While Favre has not yet reported to camp, he remains the most intriguing figure on a star-studded team.  He may never set foot in Mankato, but if and when Favre does decide to come back, the Vikings will instantly be Super Bowl contenders once again. 

And that is something Tarvaris Jackson cannot provide just yet.

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