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Kit Can Hit! (Kit McCahren)

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You're only as old as you feel, and Kit McCahren, who happens to be forty-nine-years-young, must be feeling pretty chipper.

You see, Kit picked up the sport of boxing under a year ago. In that year, he's progressed faster than athletes half his age.

"Kit is used to coming into things a little bit late, trying to work hard and learn fast,"said Manager, Jody Harnois. "Kit's pretty sharp and and he's an excellent athlete."

Pretty sharp in the courtroom, too. He's a trial lawyer during the day, and then throws a few punches in the evening to unwind.

"I find it very therapeutic. You don't have to worry about this case and that case, so it's a real cleansing experience,"said Boxer and Lawyer, Kit McCahren.

A cleansing experience that ties into the courtroom more than you would think.

"I've always said in law if you're not throwing punches you're getting hit, so that analogy holds up,"said McCahren.

But Kit didn't start boxing to relax after work,  his 14-year-old son picked it up, and who better to practice with than ol' pop.

"Jody said you're gonna have to learn it along with him,"said McCahren. "I kind of got started on it, and it was something that I liked, so I stuck with it."

"Once he got involved he got hooked and we just took it from there,"said Harnois.

And took it all the way, down to the Ring Side World Championships in Kansas City.

"Its tough enough for somebody to walk into the world tournament, let alone be 49 years old, and be in his first fight,"said Harnois.

"It isn't really an age thing, it's really an athlete thing, a togetherness thing."

Proof you never have to act your age to learn new things.

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