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Varying Degrees of Efficiency: New Window Designs Save Money on Energy

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With temperatures plummeting and energy bills skyrocketing, you might be looking for something to blame for the cost of heating your home. If you have an older home you might start with the windows.

Windows have been a part of the home since the beginning. While they still consist of the same materials: wood and glass, modern day science has increased the efficiency and functionality of windows.

"It's constantly advancing and everyone's trying to be the most efficient in the field. What works down in California doesn't work in our climate up here,"said Ken Iverson of Warren Windows.

With the temperature up "here" being much lower comparatively, coatings and techniques have been introduced to keep the draft out. Ken Iverson of Warren Windows says one of the options is a 2-7-2 coating. 2-7-2 meaning two panes of glass, letting 72 percent of the light in.

"272 means for better terms like Aluminum foil,  and what the coating does is help reflect radiant heat gain in the summer, but more reflects the heat of the house back in [during winter time],"said Iverson.

One way to show you folks at home just how efficient windows have become is by using this infrared thermometer. It's ten degrees below zero outside, I point it at the inside wall and it's 69 degrees. I point it at the 3/4 inch window and it's 59 degrees, a 10 degree temperature change.

"It's an instant gratification because you know how much your heating and cooling costs were before and you put that new window in and it's an instant savings, plus the comfort of what you're feeling inside your home,"said Iverson.

Helping to create a  "clear" barrier between the cold and your pocketbook.
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