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Getting a Greener Lawn by "Going Green"

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As the outside temperatures continue to rise, you might be noticing the grass growing greener and flowers blooming around your home, but if you're the type that would like to get a greener, thicker bed of grass without chemicals, a green approach might catch your interest.

KDLT's Phil McIlrath goes into "green" lawn care on this week's Builder's Block.

There's nothing quite like the lush, green look of a healthy lawn, but if yours isnt as full as you'd like you might be surprised to discover another key to the green is by going green.

"It's Kind of like going to the doctor's office. Typically, if you go to the doctor's office they need to know where to fix the problem,"said Jared Martinson, Owner of Grow With Me Organic Lawncare.

Jared Martinson is a specialist when it comes to diagnosing the dilemmas in your dirt.  He starts out by taking a soil sample to measure the nutrients in the soils. From there he can tell what your grass needs, or what it's really hungry for.

After the diagnosis he puts down the fertilizer, which is organic and not chemical based.

Meaning, it's good for the grass and won't harm the environment.

"That's what organic does....it brings that life back to the soil, where the chemical won't sustain that life,"said Martinson.

"From Start to finish, from the soil sample, to the application, the process takes about 10 to 12 days,"said McIlrath. "After application, you can immediately send your kids and animals to go play in the backyard; Something you typically can't do with a traditional chemical application."

"It's earth friendly, kid friendly, and pet friendly for starters. The dogs can go run about and you don't have to worry about them tracking in any herbicide/pesticide into your home,"said Martinson.

And that's because the ingredients are all organic, meaing not manufactured by man; just mostly mulch, manufactured by nature. Once grass, and other matter, broken down into the purest plant food, void of chemicals.

"I believe in it. It works. It's what we have to do as wards of the planet....it's what we've got,"said Martinson.

A different approach to tackling a chore... as old as dirt.

Martinson says a typical organic application for a normal size lawn is between $50 to $80.
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