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Roller Dollz: Something For Everyone

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When people think of roller derby, a lot of the time thoughts of barbaric acts that in some way or another involve warriors with clubs in a post-apocolyptic world come to mind.

"I expected it to be a little bit rougher," Derby Fan Stephanie Leonard said, "Where you see the old clips of the roller skaters in the 70's where it was really like heavy duty."

But that's a tad bit of a misconseption.

"I would describe it as something you have to see," Roller Dollz Player Pain Maker, "It's a must do. It's fast action, quickest paced sport that you'll find and it's really a lot of fun. I think it's dazzling on the eyes and there's never a dull moment in Roller Derby."

While the toughness is still there, it turns out roller derby, particularly Sioux Falls' Roller Dollz, has something for everybody.

"It's alot of fun to watch," Leonard said, "Clean family fun."

And if some of the athletes that lace up look familiar, it's probably not because you've seen them on SportsCenter.

"One of my bosses from work is actually a roller doll," Leonard said, "Rendez Vaudoux."

"I'm a pampered chef advanced director," Pain Maker said, "And I love my business, it allows me the flexibility to keep the Roller Dollz business going and I'm a parent, a proud mom of two."

That's the thing about this extraordinary sport, it's made up of everyday women who still had skill and speed, and wanted nothing more than to stay competitive after high school and college in something other than slow pitch softball. But what may surprise people more than the sheer talent of the skaters, is what they are able to do with it other than win bouts.

"Everything we do is for charity," Pain Maker said, "None of us are paid, we're an all volunteer organization, tonight's event is going to the girl scouts dakota horizons and we've given over 37-thousand, five hundred dollars to local charities over the course of the last five seasons, so we're really proud of that."

They're proud of each other too.

"God has just blessed us with some amazingly talented women," Pain Maker said, "That are more than willing to donate their time, their blood, their sweat their tears to make this all possible."

Last weekend the Sioux Falls Roller Dollz wrapped up their season with their final bout of the year at the Sioux Falls Arena.

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