Another round of the Home Builders Association's Parade of Homes hits Sioux Falls this weekend and next. You can check out the latest designs and trends in newly built homes around town.

Dusty Rallis from Rallis Construction says there are pretty similar in design to the spring trends, but he says companies are always finding new paint colors that they like, or tweaking the colors from the spring. He says gray tones are popular right now in many houses in darker tones and lighter tones, but not in the middle tones. That follows suit for wood stains-- the darker or lighter the better, but not so much in the middle. He also says the sliding doors have become popular inside homes. Rallis says oftentimes, home builders like to mimic what their neighbors do, so if their neighbors have brick, they'll have brick. If their neighbors have paneling, they'll have paneling.

The Parade of Homes is open to anyone and free of charge. It's perfect for homeowners and dreamers alike. For a list of the houses available for viewing, you can pick up one of the HBA magazines at any Hy-Vee store or on the HBA website. Visitors are welcome to take a tour by themselves or take a guided tour. He says there will be staff on hand at the houses to answer any questions one might have.

For more information about the fall Parade of Homes, click here.