Getting in exercise during the day is always important, but some people just don't like going to a gym. Either they might feel embarrassed, intimidated, or maybe they just can't afford it. But you can still get a good workout in, without ever having to leave home.

Annie Mello from CPMFITness shared a few exercises you can do at home. First, she says all you need is a couple of dumbells and resistance bands, which usually come in a pack of two or three. So, you don't even have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment. Body weight exercises are also just as good, and the equipment is free! Plus, some people have a busy schedule and only have a few minutes for a workout.

The first exercise to try is with a resistance band. Step in the middle and hold the handles. Keep you elbows glued to your sides and pull the handles up to your shoulders.

Next, grab the dumbells. Point the dumbells toward the ground, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, and squat down like sitting in a chair. You can do this same exercise with your feet further apart, or in plie stance with your toes facing outward.  You can also just take one dumbell and hold it in both hands like a dog bone and complete those same squat exercises.

You can use a dumbell as a kettleball exercise, too. Hold one dumbell in both hands and hinge at the hips.

Annie suggests doing three sets of 20 or 12 reps of each exercise. She also says YouTube and Pinterest are great places to search for great at-home exercises.

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