Who of us doesn't have a book or two that we've read a million times, but maybe haven't picked it up in a while? This weekend you can donate some of your old books to people in the community who are building their own libraries through the Reach Literacy Book Drive.

Paige Carda, the executive director at Reach Literacy, says twice a year they do big book drives, usually after rummage sale season. Carda says the first time they had the book drive, they collected 15,000 books, and last time they collected 18,000. But now, the shelves are starting to look bare again, and they are in need of more donations. She says the books are sold at their Reach A Reader book store for just a buck or two, but they money they get from those book sales go back to their adult literacy programs to teach adults how to read. They also give out grants of books to teachers who are building classroom libraries, and even give out books to the prison system and home schools and churches.

Carda says they accept pretty much any books except those that are dated like old college books or encyclopedias that have dated information. Those books would be recycled, but any other books are acceptable. You can drop off books from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Reach A Reader at 101 N Minnesota Avenue, as well as Ace Hardware on 41st and Minnesota.

For more information about Reach Literacy, click here.