The 7th annual Sweetest Day of Golf takes place this Wednesday at Prairie Green. It's a fundraiser that helps send children who have diabetes to Camp Gilbert, which is a camp specially designed for kids with diabetes.

President of the Sioux Falls Cosmopolitan Club Jerry Priebe says there have been children who visit their club meetings on Monday and share their experiences at Camp Gilbert, and they're proud to help send kids there. Priebe says the club is international and also raises money for other diabetes-related things, like research.

The Sweetest Day of Golf on Wednesday already has about 28 teams signed up, but more are welcome! Lunch and dinner are provided, golfing is just about all afternoon, and the event ends with a performance from a local band.

The Cosmopolitan Club also has an event coming up in November where they will honor a local person in Sioux Falls that has done good work in their career. They also man the sportsman shows and man booths at the fairgrounds as well. They also give funds to other organizations like the Boys and Girls Club.

For more information about the Sweetest Day of Golf, including how to register, click here.

For more information about the Cosmopolitan Club, click here.