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Weekend Top Flicks

Scaring the air out of moviegoers pushes "Don't Breathe" to the top of the weekend box office. 

Fans are thrilled with the thriller, which shows that happens when teenaged robbers in Detroit target the wrong home, that of a blind and vengeful veteran. "Don't Breathe" debuted in first place, with over $26 million.

That bumped "Suicide Squad" to the second spot after three weeks at the top with more than $12 million.

Third place belongs to "Kubo and the Two Strings." The animated film earned nearly $8 million.

Princes Fans Honor Musician at Minnesota State Fair

A sea of purple, as thousands of Prince fans celebrated his life at the Minnesota State Fair Friday night.

The "Unite in Purple" event took place in Prince's home state. Honoring the late pop artist, many people were dressed head to toe in purple with t-shirts, hats, purple shoes and more. Even the fair food was purple. Prince's former DJ, Dudley D, performed, and fireworks were set off to end the night. For fans, it was a chance to come together and celebrate Prince's life, music and legacy.

Prince died on April 21 of a drug overdose. He was 57.

Gone to the Dogs

A waterpark in Idaho has really gone to the dogs—literally!

Every year on the last day of the season, the Lakeview Park turns over the spray-ground to our four-legged friends. The dogs had a blast on Saturday splashing, swimming and fetching to their hearts' content.

All of the money raised from the event will go toward building a dog park.