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Bill Murray craves the bare necessities in the bonus features for "The Jungle Book." This CGI reimagining of the cartoon classic tells the story of a boy raised in the wild. But when a tiger targets the man-cub as an enemy of the animal kingdom, young Mowgli must make tracks or risk becoming lunch.

It's love on wheels for Emilia Clarke in "Me Before You." The "Game of Thrones" star plays a caretaker to "Hunger Games" heartthrob Sam Claflin. He's a rich kid willing to take his own life after an accident leaves him paralyzed. But the sunny disposition of his new companion may affect his outlook.

Showrunner Johnathan Ames cuddles up with a comedy hit in "Blunt Talk." Patrick Stewart received a Golden Globe nomination for his role as bombastic news man Walter Blunt. But his voice-of-the-people is much more adept at creating scandals than he is at reporting them.

Take a spin through Kornfield Kounty in the "Hee Haw Collector's Edition." This broadcast classic comes to DVD as the longest-running syndicated variety show in TV history. All 23 years of pickin' and grinnin' come in a 14-disc set.

A Flip and A Kick

Every once in a while there is a sports play that we just have to share with you.

In Colorado, Columbine High School junior Dylan Pritchett-Ettner got behind the defense and found himself in a foot race with the goalkeeper for the ball. They got to the ball at the same time, Dylan had no choice but to go up. He does a front flip with a half twist and stuck the landing, all capped off by scoring a goal.

But here's the kicker: the goal didn't count because the referees said he was off-sides!

Goliath Gator Caught in Mississippi

Gator hunting season in Mississippi got off to a record-breaking start.

The state's department of wildlife, fisheries, and parks confirmed this nearly 14-foot 686-pound alligator was caught on Sunday. It was caught by the hunting party of Tiffany Wienke from Vicksburg. Officials say the large gator beat the previous record by just an eighth of an inch.

They say it was caught from Bayou Pierre in the southwest hunting zone.The hunting season opened on Friday.