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Close Encounters of the Bear Kind

Talk about close encounters! One Florida woman was playing games on her phone while she was standing in her garage. She looked up and was staring right into the eyes of a bear!

Teliece Sander was tuckered out and decided to relax on her phone in her garage when a huge bear strolled up. She sent a photo to her son with a message, "Help me." Once her 6' 6", 325-pound son walked up behind her, the 300 pound bear sauntered away.

Since then, wildlife officials came and set up a trap to feed the bear. Once the bear is fed, they want to relocate it to a safer location.

Dog is Scared of Windshield Wipers

It's only natural to get a little freaked out during a thunderstorm. But if the reason you're spooked has to do with a normal, everyday, rain-swiping window wiper in your car, you might have bigger problems.

A golden retriever puppy named Enzo, whose owner shot video of the pup repeatedly ducking for cover every time the rear window's wiper swings up. Enzo's owner Alexandra Rodz says, "He isn't scared of anything except this, and the vacuum cleaner."

Warning: Speed Trap

A Texas man has taken it upon himself to try and prevent others from getting pulled over for speeding.

Joey Hopewell, who grew up in Alexandria, Louisiana but now lives in Texas, paid for a billboard just outside of the city. Pictures of the billboard have been making the rounds on social media. It reads: "Warning: speed zones ahead" and names several nearby towns located on Highway 165 south.

Hopewell says the billboard is not intended as a negative reflection on law enforcement, but hopes it can warn drivers about communities he says strictly enforce speed limits to generate revenue.