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NBC Premiere Week Continues

NBC's premiere week continues tonight with "Blindspot" moving to its new time slot at 7 p.m. followed by the season premieres of "Law and Order SVU" and "Chicago P.D."

“P.D.” picks up where the season finale left off with Sergeant Voight seeming to have taken the law into his own hands following the murder of his son. The aftermath of his actions and the investigation into them wind up having an impact not only on Voight, but the rest of his Chicago Intelligence unit.

"Chicago P.D." season premiere is tonight at 9 p.m., right after "Law and Order SVU."

Jimmy Fallon Corn Maze

A familiar face from NBC's late night has popped up in an unlikely place: an Idaho corn maze. The annual Farmstead Corn Maze has been cut into the shape of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

The corn maze is nearly 20 acres and has about a million ears of corn. It's a maze that's a year-round process and year-round operation, all to be ready for this Friday's corn maze and Pumpkin Festival. The farm owner says the whole process from design to cutting the pathways takes about a couple of months.

Because this is the 20th year of the Farmstead Corn Maze, they are going to do something special: every Friday they will have a fireworks show.

Harry Potter House For Sale

A suburban London house that starred on-screen as Harry Potter's childhood home is up for sale.

Fans of the boy wizard will recognize "12 Picket Post Close" as "4 Privet Drive." That's the home of Harry's dastardly aunt and uncle, the Dursleys. The house is located just outside of London. It was featured in the first Harry Potter film, then a studio set of the house was built for the rest of the eight-film series.

Neighbors say their neighborhood has gotten a lot of attention since the movie aired. The house is listed for $620,000.