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Magicians get a curtain call in "Now You See Me 2." This encore to the 2013 smash finds the illusionist all-star team known as the Four Horsemen being tricked into pulling off an impossible heist by none other than tech wizard Daniel Radcliffe.

Jodie Foster talks about her leading man in the bonus features for "Money Monster." She directed this Wall Street thriller featuring George Clooney as a loud-mouthed financial TV host and Jack O'Connell as a broke investor with a gun.

The Juice is loose in "American Crime Story: The People Versus O.J. Simpson." This mini-series picked-up 22 Emmy nominations with its fictionalized depiction of the real-life O.J. Simpson trial.

An animation legend takes his first steps in "The Iron Giant." Brad Bird directed this 1999 tale about a boy who finds a giant alien robot in the woods of Maine before the animator gained fame with Pixar hits like "The Incredibles" and "Ratatouille."

Boldly own what no man has owned before with the "Star Trek 50th Anniversary TV and Movie Collection." This 30-disc set features every single TV show and movie made with the original crew, including the animated series.

New Fire Department Mascot

The fire department in Windsor Heights, Iowa recently added a new member to its team.

Ember, the 9-week-old Dalmatian, joined the department last week and has already become a beloved addition. Ember will serve as the fire department's official mascot and will attend community events and be around the firehouse for tours. She will also serve to boost the morale of firefighters during their long 24 hour shifts.

The department says Ember will be attending a four-week training session to learn commands and ways to better interact with kids.

Olympic Gymnast Flips a Pitch

There's no doubt Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast Laurie Hernandez can flip, but can she flip and pitch the ball over home plate?

Hernandez, a New Jersey native, threw out the first pitch at the New York Mets game on Saturday. Her wind-up was flawless—she jumped off the mound and did an aerial cartwheel, then she threw the ball to the pitcher. While it had the distance , it was a little off the mark. Hernandez then flashed a big smile to the crowd.

Hernandez was part of the gold-medal U.S. gymnastics team. She also earned an individual silver medal on the balance beam.