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Mystery Couple Identified In Candid Photo

An amazing wedding photo has become a viral sensation, and has created quite a mystery.

A tourist captured this breathtaking picture of a newlywed couple last week standing on the cliffs in Yosemite National Park at sunset. But they were gone before he got their names.

The photographer, visiting from Hawaii, turned to social media to help him solve the mystery, and just yesterday, the couple came forward!

The bride, Catherine Mack, an actress from Australia, says she and her new husband, Rick Donald, are the couple in the photo. She said of the photographer, "He was just taking a sunset shot and we happened to wander into it."

Trick Shot in College Lecture

The school year has barely started, but Ohio State University has already identified one big man on campus. At least, one organic chemistry class does.

During a lecture from a professor, a student was able to sink a near-impossible shot into a trash can from halfway across the lecture hall. According to a video posted by fellow student, the amazing shot meant everyone in the class got an "A" on that day's quiz.

Talk about great chemistry!

Can I Get an Amen??

At Jordan Warrick's baptism, instead of following the pastor's lead, the six-year-old boy decided to go ahead and take the plunge.

Jordan thought the pastor at West End Baptist Church was taking awfully long to get through his introductory statement, so he went ahead and dunked himself in the water!

In the video Jordan's father posted on Facebook, you can hear the impatient boy shouting, "Do it!" This was followed by, "I'm baptized!" after Jordan basically baptized himself. Of course, the whole church broke out in laughter.