Kevin's Tech Check

Five Streaming Music Apps To Try On Your Next Road Trip

More than likely you will be hitting the road for a long distance drive at least once before summer is over.

Kevin s Tech Check Gigabit Internet

Kevin's Tech Check: Gigabit Internet

Kevin explores the topic of gigabit internet which will be offered to residential customers beginning at the end of 2015.

Kevin's Tech Check: What Is Gigabit Internet?

Drive down any given street in this country and somewhere along the way, you're bound to see a billboard.

Kevin s Tech Check South Dakota On the Big Screen

Kevin's Tech Check: Building A Video Display At Daktronics

In just a few days, millions of eyes across the country will be on Arizona as the Seahawks and Patriots battle it out to be this year's Super Bowl champion.

Kevin's Tech Check: Digital Camera Shopping

It is fall, a beautiful season to grab your camera, get outdoors and snap some perfect pictures. If you do not own a camera, you are in luck. The market is saturated with tons of options.

Kevin's Tech Check: Streaming To Your TV

If you're stumped, unsure of what gift to get for that gadget lover on your shopping list, here is an idea that is cheap, easy to use and will make anyone that loves movies, music or TV shows smile Christmas morning.

Kevin's Tech Check: Computer Shopping

Brenden Hummel relies on a few tools each day to work a little magic.

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