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Learn About Opportunities At Volunteer Expo Saturday

Learn About Opportunities At Helpline Center Volunteer Expo

Volunteering in your community can be rewarding for both the place you're giving your time and service, and it can be rewarding for you. Saturday at the Washington Pavilion, the Helpline Center is hosting a Volunteer Expo where you can learn about a variety of opportunities that are out there.

Fitness Friday Fun Fitness Halloween Costumes

Fitness Friday: Fitness Halloween Costumes

This Halloween, you have a multitude of options for a costume. Chris and Annie Mello from CPMFITness have a few more ideas for you.

Limiting Kids Sugar Intake This Halloween

Limiting Your Kids' Sugar Intake This Halloween

With Halloween less than two weeks away, your children are going to be getting pounds and pounds of candy and sugar that they no doubt will want to eat all in one sitting. But there's a few things you can do to limit their sugar intake, and save yourself a headache!

Keller s Green Grocery Hosts Halloween Treats Class

Keller's Green Grocery To Host Halloween Treats Class

Keller's Green Grocery offers much more than healthy foods. It’s also offering cooking classes. Next Tuesday, you and the kids can take a class to learn how to make some Halloween treats.

SECT Presents The Secret Garden

Sioux Empire Community Theatre Presents 'The Secret Garden'

Children's literature comes to life on stage this weekend as the Sioux Empire Community Theatre presents, “The Secret Garden.” It's the start of the theatre company's fifth season, and there's no better way than with a blockbuster musical.

Help LifeScape and Dairy Queen 'Dress for Thanksgiving'

We've had a small taste of what's the come the past few days-- the cold will be here soon! There's so many in our own community who don't have the proper clothing to battle the temperatures. So, LifeScape is teaming up with Dairy Queen to keep people warm during their Dressing for Thanksgiving campaign.

Derek Amato With Tony DeBlois & Friends Perform At Orpheum Tonight

A savant is someone profoundly learned-- a genius! The savant can be a genius in a number of different subjects, but two men visiting Sioux Falls have incredible stories about how they acquired their musical abilities. Derek Amato and Tony DeBlois are truly phenomenal and are ready to wow you at their concert at the…

You Can Rent Out Space At Badlands Pawn

Badlands Weekly: Get A Haircut, Help The American Cancer Society

Badlands Pawn and KBAD 94.5 want to give you a haircut! This Sunday, head to the pawn shop where Supercuts stylists will take the stage with scissors in hand, and all the proceeds go to benefit the American Cancer Society.

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