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Mayor Following Building Collapse: Downtown SF Businesses Need You

It's been less than a week since the former Copper Lounge crumbled to the ground killing one person and injuring another. While the Mayor says while it's important to remember Ethan McMahon, it's time to start moving on. He says that begins with getting people to visit downtown.

Attorney General Jackley Warns Of Work-At-Home Scams

Attorney General Jackley’s Consumer Protection Division is seeing a sharp rise in these business opportunity scams. The language suggests the companies placing these ads will “help” consumers start their own home-based business.

City Officials After Building Collapse: 'Number one is public safety'

Three days after the collapse of the former Copper Lounge in Sioux Falls, city officials are still worried about falling debris. Twenty-four-year-old Ethan McMahon was was killed and 22-year-old Emily Fodness was injured in the collapse Friday morning. Several streets are still blocked off, business are closed, and…

Cereal Maker General Mills To Cut As Many As 600 Jobs

General Mills, which has been struggling with weaker sales for its cereal and yogurt, plans to cut between 400 and 600 jobs around the world as it restructures its business.

Investigation Into Collapsed Building Will Be Done By Property Owners, Not City

Sioux Falls Emergency Manager Regan Smith says the investigation into what caused the former Copper Lounge building to collapse Friday will be done by the property owners, not the City of Sioux Falls.

Crews Still In Emergnecy Mode Around Collapsed Downtown Building

Three days after a building collapsed in downtown Sioux Falls, crews are still in emergency mode around the structure.

Amazon Go Store Is Checkout Free

Called Amazon Go, shoppers scan their Amazon app when they enter the store, and then sensors register items that shoppers pick up and automatically charge them to the Amazon app.

SD Community Foundation Awards Grant To Multi-Cultural Center

The South Dakota Community Foundation has awarded a $8,710 South Dakota Fund grant to the Multi-Cultural Center of Sioux Falls.

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