This upcoming presidential election has proven to be one of the most contentious races arguably in American history.

The candidates have sparked some strong emotions -even inciting criminal activity- in some following the campaign.

A Sioux Falls woman and vocal Trump supporter says she's being targeted because of her political beliefs.

“Stay out of my yard. It’s my right to support the presidential candidate of my choice.”

The presidential candidate of Donette Kelley's choice is: Donald Trump.

"I just support everything he stands for," she said.

Kelly posts her support for the Trump/Pence campaign in the yard of her Cliff Avenue home.

It's something she says is her first amendment right.

But those rights, she says, are literally being trampled on.

"The first sign I put in my yard, somebody came in, tore it up and spread it all over my yard. So I picked it up and taped it back together."

She replaced that sign.
But, it happened again.
And again.

"It’s one of two things, either they've not been brought up very well or they are not Trump supporters," she said.

She's now on sign number seven and says she's sick of having to constantly replace them; because another person's choice of presidential candidate shouldn't Trump her first amendment right.

“If they don't like it, walk on by. If they like it, clap or holler ‘Yahoo,’ something. Just stay out of my yard.”

For those who don't heed that advice, Donette Kelly has two words:

"I’m looking. I’ve got video of every incident so my eyes are always watching."

Kelley has surveillance video of each instance of vandalism and has forwarded copies to the police. Officers say vandalism charges can be difficult to peruse because most campaign signs are free, and vandalism involves damage to something of monetary value. Police say other charges, such as trespassing, are possible.