Almost a year ago to the day, much of Sioux Falls was under water.
Heavy rainfall on august 27th, 2015 caused flash flooding with damaging effects.
Water filled intersections, swept into businesses, and drenched homes.

For most in the Sioux Empire, the flood of 2015 is one they won't forget.

Associate Pastor Neil Peterson remembers that night started with one regretful song.

"I mistakenly decided to close the prayer time in a song 'Let It Rain, Let It Rain,' and the Lord let it rain! He opened the flood gates of heaven and we had basically what was a disaster.”

Christ Community Church was soaked.

"It was four inches of water throughout the entire building and I realized there was nothing I can do at this point."

Peterson was alone at the time, and decided grabbed his camera to document.

"It was almost unbelievable what happened so it was actually good to show the people what did happen."

He said what happened after that, was almost just as unbelievable.

“When disaster strikes, sometimes God's people respond the right way they come together."

For the many who remember the floodwaters that swept through on August 27th, the flood of help that followed afterward is just as memorable.

People gathered to clean up the mess left behind.

From electronics to carpeting, much of what was inside the church was destroyed.

Now-a-days, things are back to normal and Petersen back worshiping at the church, but with a different tune.

"Since that evening, I don't think we've actually ever once sang, “Let it rain,’ ever again."

It took two months of clean up before the church was able to hold service there again.

It was the heaviest rainfall in more than ten years, a total of seven inches of rain fell that night in the Sioux Falls area.