Earlier this year, at just 9-years-old, she was putting a face to endangered animals, selling her animal paintings to raise money for a national wildlife organization. Now Bria Neff of Tea is taking her talents and using them to benefit animals in her own backyard.

"There it is," Neff said pointing out the tiger to her mother at the zoo.

At first glance, Bria Neff appears quiet, a sweet 10-year-old girl.

"The Bengal Tiger can come in all different colors," Neff explains to us.

Underneath her glasses though, is a fierce businesswoman ready to take on the world. In fact, her trip to the Great Plains Zoo today isn't simply to see the animals, she's here to promote her book... her coloring book.

Bria approached the zoo about selling the book earlier in the year, to help teach other children about what she loves most, the animals.

Neff said, "I found out the red wolves had three pups. I wanted to help them and make sure they're safe."

Not just any animals though, the 'Endangered Faces' at the Great Plains Zoo. All of the proceeds would help with their conservation efforts.

Great Plains Zoo Communications Manager Kylee Breems said, "The zoo's mission is connecting kids with animals and nature so having one of our youngest visitors create a project that's helping to further our mission is really something special."

The book, which features the zoo's 24 endangered species, is now front and center at their gift shop. While many of her classmates may dream of someday making a difference, Bria is actually doing it.

"All children can change the world. We just need to work together and believe we can do great things," said Neff.

You can get your hands on a copy of Bria's coloring book for $12.95. To learn about Bria's other works of art on her Facebook Page.