Fun was in no short supply Saturday afternoon at Sherman Park.

Hosted by the Sioux Falls Morning Optimist Club, “Mo's Courageous Kids Carnival” brought out all the stops, with inflatables, games, and characters.

But the event goes beyond just the fun; it's a carnival with a cause.

"One of the things that the Sioux Falls Morning Optimist Club does is support a camp for kids that have cancer. The proceeds from this go strictly to the camp,” said Ken Munch, First Vice President of the Sioux Falls Morning Optimist.

Camp Bring It On! is in Watertown. For a week each year, kids with cancer can find an escape.

"I’ve been going to camp myself for the last 8 years I was diagnosed when I was 8," Amanda Ode, Camp Bring It On! Camper.

"It kind of just showed me that I’m really not alone in this fight and that there are other kids that are going through or did go through a similar experience that I did," said Ode.

When camp started in 2006, there were 17 campers.

This last session, there were 54.

Which brings even more importance to events like Mo's Courageous Kids Carnival.

“The number is only growing unfortunately. Which means more new campers, which is kind of great, but it’s also kind of sad because it means more kids are going through the same struggle I went through,” said Ode.