The Great Plains Zoo is looking for some help in naming the rhino calf that was recently born at the zoo.

The zoo has chosen five potential names for the male rhino. They are all traditional African names: Bomani (bo-MAHN-ee) meaning “great warrior”, Komati (KO-mah-tee) is a river in South Africa, Khari (KHAH-ree) meaning “like a king, kingly”, Kirabo (Kee-rah-boe) meaning “gift”, and Kemi (Kem-ee) meaning “spoil me with love”.

People can go online to and vote for their favorite name by donating $1 to which name they like. The name that receives the most donations, wins. Voting starts Wednesday and runs until Nov. 21.

The Great Plains Zoo now holds three of only 58 Eastern Black Rhinos in North America. It is estimated that fewer than 740 Eastern Black Rhinos are left in the wild, and they are considered to be a critically endangered species.