A Woonsocket man has been arrested and charged with murder.

Matthew Walter Novak, 33, is accused of killing Jennifer Ann Gibson, 25, Wednesday morning in her home on South Third Avenue in Woonsocket.

“I don’t know what happened how things built up, something snapped," said neighbor John Schmidt.

Schmidt lives next door to the now-crime-scene.

He said saw Jennifer Gibson alive Tuesday night.

"She was just sitting on the steps. And I just stepped out and petted my cat, fed my cat, I sort of left her alone," said Schmidt.

At 9:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, officers responded to what they call an "incident" at Gibson's home.

Shortly after the Novak was arrested and charged with second degree murder.

"I just originally thought it may have been a drug bust until after a couple more hours I saw the police line,” said Tiffany Kotilinek. “And then got a little concerned on it."

Kotilinek has lived across the street from Gibson for the last two years.

"Me and the victim were really good friends last summer, until she started being not my cup of tea. So I kind of distanced myself away."

Kotilinek says she even told her kids to stay away from Gibson's house.

"The cops are there quite a bit, they fight a lot, a lot of screaming and yelling but nothing out of the ordinary I guess in the last 25 hours."

Investigators have released few details on what happened leading up to Gibson's death.
She and Novak had a child earlier this year, and neighbors say she had other children as well.

"She had young toddlers and I feel really bad that they'll grow up without a mother," said Schmidt.

This crime scene is just about two blocks away from Woonsocket public schools.

Superintendent Rod Weber says he was notified about the situation by police just after school started.

"They said that the situation involved guns, and the police, and the guns were actually drawn so I didn't take any time, I immediately put the school on lock down,” he said.

Weber said he used the school's emergency call system to notify parents of the situation.
The lock down was lifted about 10 minutes later, when police gave him the all-clear.

Novak faces a mandatory life sentence if convicted.