For the second year, Rebekah Spader’s Wish Concert continues the dream of a ten year old girl.

But this year, the star of the show was missing.

Rebekah Spader passed away about a month ago but her wishes continue to live on.

Performers for Rebekah's second annual wish concert included Rachelle Hope and Geoff Moore.

A crowd of more than fifty people joined the Spader family for the concert at O’Gorman Performing Arts Center on Saturday night.

For Rebekah's mother, Stephanie, it shows the impact Rebekah's life had on the community.

"The community's support has really shown that. People that are coming that we've never even met before but they've heard of Rebekah and her story and so they wanted to come and take part in this,” she said.

The proceeds for this year’s concert will go toward Horsepower, an equestrian therapy service that Rebekah took part in.

Rebekah’s father, Tony, hopes these concerts can help organizations that help his daughter.

"She would go for an hour a week and ride horses and do therapy and just loved her time there. So we want to give back to those organizations that helped her live life to the fullest," said Tony Spader.

The Spader family hopes Rebekah's wish concert will continue to an annual event.

Rebekah's parents say they want this to be "year two of forever."