A man who prosecutors say killed a young woman out of jealousy was back in court today; it took nearly three hours, as each side presented their case and ended with a Sioux Falls man spending life in prison.

The incident happened in the late afternoon on October 29th, 2015, when Sioux Falls Police found 19 year old Ammuna Gayya bleeding, unconscious in an apartment complex hallway on East Rice Street.

She had one stab wound to the chest, later dying in a hospital. While another victim, 27 year old Danga Kotudi, suffered two stab wounds on one arm. The suspect, now 32 year old Janno Talla, was found an hour away in Worthington.

Monday, the Defense and State recounted what happened that afternoon to determine Talla's sentence.

The State explained how Talla predetermined or intended to kill either Danga or Ammuna, noting how Talla waited outside the apartment complex with a knife. Even though they had a child, Talla and Gayya were not together; Kotudi and Gayya had started a relationship which, the State argued, made Talla angry and jealous.

The State further backed their claim the stabbing was predetermined by explaining what was found in Talla's car trunk, a bag of clothes, a large sum of money, a fake ID as well as a handgun and magazine. Which supported a written statement by Danga Kotudi, the second victim in the stabbing incident that occurred in 2015. It was read aloud in which Kotudi wrote, "He was a killer and was going to kill me. He killed Ammuna." as well as "Janno needs to be in prison. He took a life and tried to take mine."

The State also told the story of a controlling and jealous man; who not only created a separate bank account to control the money Ammuna had, making it so she had to come to him for money. Also explaining that Talla quit his job roughly two weeks before the October stabbing to avoid paying child support for their child. Going further to explain how, while in prison, he refused to take orders.

The defense painted a different side of Janno Talla, murderer of 19 year old Ammuna Gayya in late October of 2015.

They described him as being non-violent, having no history of violence or control issues. A leader type, who not only encouraged others "to do good" but also helped his mother while they were both living as refugees in Ethiopia before moving to the United States.

The Defense also addressed accusation that Talla quit his job to avoid paying child support saying that he quit his job to return back to school so he could get a better job and be able to provide more for him, Ammuna Gayya, 19 year old stabbing victim who died in late October of 2015, and their child. They also addressed Janno Talla not following orders while in prison saying he simply was trying to abide by the rules while having a hard time understanding English.

Shortly after noon on Monday, after both sides had presented their arguments, the Judge found Janno Talla guilty of both attempted murder, a maximum of 25 years in prison, as well as first degree manslaughter which carries a life sentence.