Fair enthusiasts have gathered in Huron once again for the South Dakota
State Fair, but this time, things may look a little different.

One building that has received a major facelift for the state fair this year is the FFA Ag Adventure Center, formerly known as the animal nursery.

The remodeled center has several interactive exhibits for children to learn about different aspects of agriculture. Kids can bottle feed baby goats and see a mother pig giving birth to her piglets. One, gave birth Wednesday to 16 piglets. Another is due on Saturday.

A large addition to the state fair is the construction of Nordby Exhibit Hall.

"That's been a project in the works for four years and it's so exciting to see it become a reality this year," says South Dakota State Fair Manager Peggy Besch.

The $4.7 million building houses different crafts and activities. Besch says Clover Hall, the previous building for exhibits was getting old.

"It had clearly served its time and so it needed to be demolished so the questions was raised you know what are we gonna do, where are we gonna put 4-H and so this was the vision and here we are," Besch says.

One unique event to the State Fair this year is cheese sculpting. Roger Scheibe with Midwest Dairy says since Minnesota has butter sculpting, he wanted to do something similar.

"South Dakota is known for their cheese and we're hoping that this will be the start of something big," Scheibe says.

Fair goers can see the three dimensional sculptures on Friday and receive samples of the cheese as well.

The South Dakota State Fair continues through the holiday weekend, ending on Labor Day.