In May, Kilian Community College Closed it's doors after 39 years. Now the University of Sioux Falls is hoping to help fill the void and keep the College's name alive.

USF has reached an agreement with its regional accrediting agency, which allows Killian students to attend USF and and pursue the same degrees and graduate on time.

USF will also assume on of Kilian's programs called the 'Bridges' program.

The progrm teaches non-English speaking students the language at an advanced level to help prepare them for the workforce.

The program is expected to be up and running by January.

"The new that Kilian was closing it's doors was very overwhelming, really did not know where to turn at that point and then USF stepped up," said former Kilian and USF student Sarah Epp. "Going somewhere where I didn't even think college was obtainable to going to such a school like the University of Sioux Falls was kind of a dream."

The current academic center at USF will be relocated to the Mears Library. It will be renamed the Dr. Thomas Kilian Academic Success Center.