Labor Day weekend serves as a final break before the summer ends.

This holiday weekend is expected to see more drivers on the roads than years past.

One banged-up Buick sits in Sioux Falls to remind drivers to pay attention and drive sober this weekend.

Carrie Hill with the Sioux Empire Safety Village said they want to show a realistic example what distracted or intoxicated driving can do.

"We take care in placing this vehicle in and about the community because it serves as a very brief snapshot of exactly what can happen,” said Hill.

Hill said the goal of the Safety Village is to keep not only teens aware of driving dangers, but also their parents and adults.

South Dakota Highway Patrol Trooper Dave Knutson said the image can paint a picture louder than words.

"People see that wrecked vehicle and maybe it makes them think that life is short,” said Knutson.

Knutson said law enforcement sees more incidents on roadways during holiday weekends such as Labor Day due to the sheer volume of cars traveling.

He said their hope is a scenario like the car on display can be avoided by heeding their advice.

"We just ask that motorists obey the rules of the road, make sure they don't speed and make sure they're not distracted with cell phone or other items inside their vehicle,” said Knutson.

South Dakota Highway Patrol will be out in full force looking for impaired drivers throughout this Labor Day weekend.