It's the place where Teddy Roosevelt once worshiped at before he was president.

To this day, it still has the bell that was used to let firefighters know there was a fire on the east side of town back in the 1880's.

And it was where the first back to school program began in Sioux Falls.

But all the history has created some wear and tear.

"This church was built in 1883 when our city was very young,” says The Little Stone Church Pastor Chad Ensz.

On the inside, you can't see the age, with a lit up cross and members signing together during Sunday morning service, The Little Stone Church is lively.

But you can't say that about the whole building.

"We're trying to renovate our entryway; it's blocked off today because were trying to renovate that,” explains Pastor Ensz.

Some of the windows also have BB gun damage.

And while the building has an iconic look with sioux quartzite stone, it is causing some security problems.

"The way it was built, bats can get it,” says Pastor Ensz.

He says the attic is currently housing 400 bats creating damage to the building and posing as a potential health risk.

"So we're trying to raise $25,000 the bulk of which is going to go to get the bats out of our attic we're going to go baptize them and send them on their way, and make sure the building is secure.”

But the restoration will benefit more than just the building.

"When I come here, I feel like I'm home,” says The Little Stone Church intern Marcus Brooks. “I know that may sound weird, may sound corny, but it's the truth."

"It's not like an institution; it's like a big family,” says long-time member Jeff Christians.

The restoration will continue the giving legacy the church has developed over 130 years.

"We’re working with neighboring organizations, we have the Banquet down the street, Bishop Dudley House down the street, and we are working to take care of our neighbors whatever the need is,” says Pastor Ensz.

Pastor Ensz says the funding will help continue this work and keep the deep rooted historical building available for generations to come.

A GoFundMe page has collected $875, but the funding efforts still have a long way to go.

The goal, like the pastor mentioned, is to raise $25,000.