A weeks-long effort to bring a controversial Sioux Falls building project to a public vote has been derailed because of improper information on petition forms.

“Stop the Funding” petition organizer Bruce Danielson says the city invalidated his petitions signatures-- all 6,400 of them because of an issue with the petition forms he turned in.  The forms had the wrong petition oath on them.  The oath is a statement that Danielson had to sign before handing petitions in to the city.  But Tuesday, the city told him he had the oath for statewide petitions instead of the one for municipal petitions.  Danielson says he doesn't know how he ended up with the wrong statement.

The petition drive started when Mayor Mike Huether vetoed a City Council decision to revoke funding for a multi-million dollar city administration building.  Supporters, like the mayor, say the building is needed for the growing number of city employees.  Danielson is trying to force a special election on this issue, but says the city is looking to find any loophole to stop his effort.   

“Our citizens are once again going to be disenfranchised by the city attorney, city clerk, mayor's office who are all looking for technicalities to throw out a decision that they aren't pleased with,” Danielson says.

KDLT News reached out to the city attorney for more information on the invalid petitions, but he hasn't returned our call. 

Danielson says he's trying to figure out what his next move will be and says he isn't giving up hope that he can help create a special election.