The Samsung Galaxy Note7 is causing concerns for consumers, particularly when it comes to charging the device.

Tyler Childress, Owner of The Cell Phone Guy in Sioux Falls, said he’s never seen incidents like fires and explosions happened with one specific device.

He said a customer said she couldn't hold the handheld device.

"A lady came in yesterday and she couldn't even touch it when it was charging, like physically is not possible to touch it. She had to unplug it and let it cool down first,” said Childress.

Customers aren't the only people who are concerned.

Childress said he doesn't see his business repairing or reselling any Galaxy Note7.

He said not just because the uncertainty with the device, but for the safety of his employees.

"What if a screen came in that was broken, would we want to open it and possibly have other issues or something explodes on our repair guys and that kind of stuff? It brings a big, new precedent, a new territory to get into,” said Childress.

Samsung recalled the Galaxy Note7 on September 2nd.

A spokesperson with Verizon Wireless in South Dakota said all phones were taken off the shelves following the recall.

Last week, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission urged all Galaxy Note7 owners to shut off and stop charging their devices.

Despite all the preventative measures, however, Childress is still worried about the future of the Galaxy Note7 coming through his store.

"How do you know in a month from now if you're getting a good Note7 or a bad Note7? How do you know?" said Childress.

On Samsung's website, it says Note7 owners can return their current device and wait for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to approve a new Note7.

A replacement phone will be given during the wait.

Another option is to can exchange the Note7 for a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge.

A $25 dollar gift card will also be given to any exchanging customers.

Last week, the FAA warned Galaxy Note7 owners to avoid using or charging the device while on an airplane due to explosion concerns.