It was a tense evening for Sioux Falls city councilors last night.

An argument between Councilor Theresa Stehly and Council Chairman Rex Rolfing ended with a gavel, and Rolfing telling Stehly she was out of order.

"That wasn't the right forum, it wasn't the right forum,” says Rolfing.

"I've had it with this closed door, behind door mentality that I've been experiencing,” adds Stehly.

One day later, the two are defending their actions.

It started when Stehly spoke out during an informational meeting claiming she's been bullied and threatened by fellow city council members.

She also stated that the executive session on ethical behavior, should have been held in public.

"Of course I didn't want it to be gaveled and have it turn into that dramatic and traumatic experience,” says Stehly.

During Stehly's statement, the Chairman intervened.

"All I was doing was trying to keep things in order and not have things talked about that should not be talked about in public,” explains Rolfing.

Rolfing says he can't go into detail about the purpose of the closed session meeting since it's a private matter.

As far as Stehly's claims that she's been bullied or threatened he says, "We have always invited everyone to be part of the council and work with each other. It's just that some people have chosen to go their own direction as a lone wolf if you will, and make it more difficult on everybody."

However, Stehly says if the discussion is about ethical behavior, those are details the public should hear.

"I want to say for the record, if I'm doing something wrong, then I'm happy having that discussion in public.”

Rolfing disagrees.

"If there are personnel issues that we have, we want to discuss those in private so that reputations are not affected.”

One thing the two councilors did agree on is that they'll move forward and continue to do the work the public has elected them to do.

Mayor Mike Huether's office says this is a city council issue, not an executive branch issue, and has no further comment.