A Sioux Falls couple is accused of assaulting their daughter and her boyfriend.

36 year-old Cristina Isabel Reyes-Delopez and 50-year-old Juan Francisco Lopez-Turcious were arrested on assault charges Friday afternoon.  Police say the couple  broke into their daughter's boyfriend's house with a hammer.  The 18-year-old daughter had skipped school to spend time with her 17-year-old boyfriend.  According to police, the mom was trying to slap her daughter, who was holding an eight-month old baby at the time.

"The father had a hammer with him he ended up pushing his way in the house started pushing the boyfriend around and then used that hammer the handle of the hammer to try to strangle the boyfriend,” says Sioux Falls Police Department Officer Sam Clemens.

The father is charged with aggravated assault and the mom with simple assault.  The boyfriend suffered a few minor injuries.  Police say the daughter and the baby are fine.