Voters in the Sioux Empire learn about issues that will be on the upcoming November ballot this evening.

The League of Women Voters and the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce held a ballot issue forum at the Instructional Planning Center.

Topics ranged from payday loans, youth minimum wage and a potential 'nonpartisan primary'.

Amendment V would replace partisan primaries with a single, merged primary, in which all candidates would compete and the top two would advance to the general election.

It would also hide party labels on all election ballots, primary and general.

"It'll make it easier for young people and an independent to get involved because they’ll be able to vote in all the elections in South Dakota like it’s guaranteed in the constitution but it's not followed in this state right now,” says Rick Knobe, an advocate for Amendment V.

But opponents say this measure would take away government transparency.

"This is maybe the only amendment in the history of South Dakota that takes information away from the voters, it takes it away at the most important time; when you're actually in the voting booth going to vote,” says Will Mortenson.

A similar system is already in place in three other states including California, Nebraska and Washington.