Last month KDLT News was contacted by a man who said he wanted our help. He told us he wanted to share his wealth with others, but he did not want any credit. He's hoping his generosity will inspire others.

Our first recipients are Zach and Courtney Auch. We've been following their story for a couple of weeks now. Their son Cam was born with a rare form of cancer. While Cam had surgery to remove the tumor from his face, some of the cancer still remains. He is now undergoing chemo and soon he will have radiation treatments almost every day. We caught up with Cam and his parents Friday night at a fundraiser organized by family and friends.

We are here at the King of Glory church, inside is a benefit for Cam going on right now. We have a gift for Courtney and Zach. Inside this envelope is a gold coin worth anywhere between 12 and 15 hundred dollars.

As we approach, Courtney and Zach are in a receiving line. They have been greeting those attending the fundraiser with Cam in their arms. I hand Courtney the envelope, she opens it to find a gold coin and a hand written letter. Courtney starts to read the letter. Here is some of what it says.

 “Dear Cam

     Our prayers are with you for your recovery and for your family. For such a little guy you sure have inspired a lot of good in a lot of people. How about your Aunt Ashley's first grade class at Cleveland Elementary and all the cards from the other young folks in Sioux Falls. How about the wonderful doctors your mom and dad are working with. How about all the good people that stepped up on the funding website. An how about all the hard work and effort from the good folks right here at the King of Glory Church.  If it weren't for you Cam we would not have seen all of these good things happen. You have done a lot of good for such a little guy! We would like to donate this gold coin to you and your mom and dad to use as needed.” The letter goes on and is signed, “Anonymous”

Courtney and Zach were grateful for the show of support at this fundraiser, and the donation of the gold coin. They plan to hang on to it and give it to Cam when he's older.

“It will be something for him to remember what he went through,” said Zach. 

“Its nice to have, maybe put it towards a college fund or something that will help him in his future,” said Courtney. “So thank you so much this is awesome.”

The donor of the coins has been giving them away for several years. He says his goal is to inspire other average people to do the same. KDLT will help him give away more coins in the weeks leading up to Christmas.