Even though the calendar still says November, many are prepping for a holiday that takes place at the end of December, buying Christmas trees.

But for the owner, preparation began months ago.

Since the summer, owner Todd Gannon and his crew at the Riverview Christmas Tree Farm have been trimming and sculpting bushy evergreens.

Five months later, all the work in the hot sun is paying off.

"It seems like there's a lot more people out here than there ever has been,” says Lowell Feucht of Canton.

Out of the 2,000 trees tagged and 200 trees shipped in, Gannon says 1,000 have already been sold.

"We expect to sell out,” says Gannon. “We sell out every year and we expect to sell out this year, maybe even a weekend early."

This is Gannon's first year taking over the farm after the couple who ran it for years, retired.

But it's not the customers first time visiting.

"We all come out as a family; we've been doing it since '76,” says the Erickson family from Irene.

"It's a family tradition we've been doing for many years and with the grand-kids growing up, it's a tradition that we like to keep going,” adds Feucht.

Cutting down their own Christmas tree is something many parents want their youngsters to experience.

“I know the kids will remember this for many years from now,” says Jason Stensland of Larchwood, Iowa. "Whatever they want, they get I guess, so this is the tree we're stuck with."

Even though the work has changed since July -- employees are now shaking off dead pine needles, drilling holes in the trunks and netting up the trees, Gannon hopes this change will stick for years to come.

"It's absolutely a dream come true to own the Christmas tree farm and have it be part of our families Christmas tradition."

The Riverview Christmas Tree Farm sells 5 different kinds of trees, and in different heights.

The tallest trees are 16 ft.

The trees cost $7 to $10 per foot.

Gannon says as long as they have trees available, they will be open for the next two weekends.