Sioux Falls is putting up 25 million dollars to better wastewater infrastructure for the city.

The project will bring about 4 miles of new pipes to the city sewer system.

This will increase the capacity of the sewer system by over 20 million gallons per day and reduce future backups and overflows.

"That sewer, along with other large diameter sewers, enter into the sewer that is being replaced which currently serves about 90-percent of the wastewater that's contributed to the city of Sioux Falls," says Principal Engineer Ryan Johnson.

But the major goal, the city says, is to keep the water in the pipes.

The new pipes replace the ones put into the city in the early 1980s.

And the new state-of-the-art materials within the pipe will fight off corrosive and toxic materials to make the water cleaner.

This will make the water going downstream into the Big Sioux River healthier for the community.

And it goes through several finite processes that are highly regulated and highly managed to ultimately discharge that wastewater," says Johnson.

The city says that the new pipes are in tune with the Clean Water Act of 1972 that set forth the standard for water within cities.

This project will become a reality for Sioux Falls in the Fall of 2017.