South Dakota State University Senior Brielle Mears was first in line for the Jacks Bash kickoff concert Thursday night.

"If they build it, they will come, right?" asked Mears.

It took two years to build, and on Thursday night, they came.

"I’m really excited we’ve been waiting since like last march for it.” said SDSU Sophomore Sydnee Tital.

Dana J, Dykhouse officially opened its doors for the first time Thursday, for a bash of Jackrabbit proportions.

"Throughout all summer I was really like, kinda counting down the days to being here, said SDSU Freshman Dakota Lannen.

For many like Lannen, it was their first time getting a look at SDSU's new digs.

With 19,340 seats, Dykhouse has made a name for itself as the largest football stadium in the Dakotas.

To kick off the grand opening, a trio of country artists took take the stage.

Lee Brice, Little Big Town and ACA AND ACM Entertainer of the Year headliner Luke Bryan opened up the Dykhouse to a crowd of an expected 25,000 people, more than the entire population of Brookings.

For the man who bears the stadium’s name, Jacks Bash is only the start of what’s to come.

"The message it sends is South Dakota can do it. South Dakota is part of the big time," said Dana J. Dykhouse. "Tonight we’ll be the third largest city in the state of South Dakota right here in this stadium, and that's exciting for us."

While country artists are took up the stage on it's first inaugural night, the stadium is now home to the SDSU Jackrabbits. something Dykhouse says was a long time coming.

"To get tot he point where we finally have a new stadium, I think it really put us on the map. When we made the decision to go Division I we knew that our athletes would step up, out students would step up, in fact the entire state did our donors, and this is the accumulation of all of that."

The Jackrabbits will take the field for the inaugural game Saturday at 6 p.m. against Drake University.