Sometimes in life, you have to change gears… alter your course.

That was the case for one Howard man who turned his passion into a small business. Now he's hoping to capitalize on a big opportunity.

808DS owner Bobby Donner is not a typical 20-year-old. At age 15 he began the business.

"Well in the design we kind of got the 8's and the 0's to look like Bob, the first part of my name and then DS, is design shop, it was just kind of something I came up with one night,” Donner says.

Instead of going to college Donner went on to pursue his dreams of designing custom hauling equipment specifically for dirt bikes.

"So far it's been amazing. I love working I feel like honestly that I have learned a lot more without going to college because I've always been a hands on person. All of my teachers have known that I've always been a hands on person,” Donner says.

Donner used to compete in motocross. But the sport was taking a toll on his body.

His designs allow him to stay connected to the sport he loves. It's also opening doors with a business partner, widely known in the motocross world.

"It's a great partnership you know, one because what they're about and what they're doing and two i believe in their product and they're doing a great job,” says AMA 450 Motocross champion Ryan Dungey.

Dungey, one of the world's top motocross riders, decided he needed some of Donner's products for himself… a trailer similar to this one. It has room to haul multiple dirt bikes on the bottom. A 14-foot deck up top can hold up to 30 people with room to sleep.

Most of the equipment for the 808DS trailers is made in house at a shop in Howard. It is then shipped out to clients all over the world. Dungey says what makes Donner's product stand out is that it ensures bikes are secure during long trips.

“I think a lot of times as a young kid or growing up we used tie downs and you get to the track, you bike's tipped over and whatever so this is just more of a cleaner look, better more stability and pretty rock solid,” Dungey says.

Donner says specific parts of the custom equipment are patented.

808DS has made custom equipment for clients as far away as Australia and Sweden.