A 29-year-old Salem man is facing charges of first degree burglary and damage to property after he was found naked inside a woman's apartment early Saturday morning.

Charles Edwards was arrested at 3:00 a.m. in Humboldt on Saturday morning.

Deputies say a woman called them from under her own bed saying she could hear an intruder in her apartment.

She said she heard a man talking and throwing things around.

At one point, he sat on her bed while she was under it.

When deputies arrived, they found Edwards in her bedroom naked, with lotion in his hands.

"He didn't have any clothes on, and they described him a shaving hand lotion in his hands. They found clothes in different parts of the house, and garbage was scattered around the house," said Sergeant Jason Gearman with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say Edwards and the woman do not know each other, they believe Edwards may have been at a party in the area and was intoxicated or on drugs.

Authorities believe the woman's apartment was left unlocked.