Democratic Candidate Paula Hawks was looking to knock off Republican candidate Kristi Noem for the U.S. House seat.

But fell a bit short, receiving just under 35 percent of the votes.

Noem was elected her fourth term Tuesday night.

But that didn't stop Paula Hawks’ supporters from chanting her name as she arrived at the Hilton Inn in Sioux Falls last night.

That's where she gave her concession speech.

Hawks ran for two terms in the State House representing District 9.

She was first elected in 2012 and again in 2014.

Hawks says she knew this campaign would be an uphill battle, and while it didn't end in her favor, she says she's not done fighting for the Democratic Party.

"We need to build leadership from the ground up, we need to talk to people about what they want to be involved in, how they want to be involved and we need to get our leaders out there willing to stand and hold the banner for the banner in South Dakota,” says Hawks.

Hawks has been traveling around the state for the past 16 months campaigning.

She says she is going to take some much needed time off, but only two days.

Then she'll be back fighting for South Dakotans.