We first met her back in July of 2015.

Back then, 9-year-old Rebekah Spader had one goal: raise enough money for another sick child to live out their Make a Wish.

That became reality after Rebekah put on a 'Wish Gift Concert'.

Even though she is no longer with us, her legacy lives on.

The Spader family is putting on another concert in the little girl's honor.

"It’s different, weird; it's just trying to figure out this new normal I guess,” says Rebekah’s mom, Stephanie Spader. “She had a very large presence; you kind of knew she was here.”

“She was very loud in general,” laughs Rebekah’s dad, Tony Spader.

Rebekah Spader was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome and passed away in the beginning of August.

"We spend a lot of time thinking, talking about her, remembering, laughing, telling stories saying what would Rebekah have done and be giggling about,” says Tony.

For a short life, there are plenty of stories to tell.

The 10-year-old experienced getting ready for a high school formal with her date: her older brother.

But some of the families’ favorite memories of Rebekah are when she gave back.

Rebekah raised $19,000 during her ‘Wish Concert’ last year.

All of the money went to a Miller family, so they could take their child to Disney World.

"That's the legacy that we want to continue,” says Stepanie.

And they will.

On September 24th, the Spader family will be hosting Rebekah's second ‘Wish Concert’.

"Being able to do a big event like this and make sure she's remembered and encourage other people to live like she did,” adds Stephanie.

The concert will be a little different this year.

It's a memorial concert.

"The concert being Jeff Moore and Rachelle Hope is it's not only just music, but we're going to pray that night,” says Tony. “We're going to come together, we're going to sing and we're going to pray to the god that gave us the gift of Rebekah.”

The proud parents say this is how they're going to live out the huge legacy their little girl created.

"We want her to continue to rock the world the way she did for 10 years,” says Tony.

The proceeds for the upcoming concert will go to HorsePower, which is a program that allows those with physical, emotional or cognitive challenges the chance to ride horses as a form of therapy.

Stephanie Spader says Rebekah did this once a week and absolutely loved it.